admiral graduates help homeless

Admiral Graduates have sported their fundraising skills and recruited their generous colleagues to help The Wallich prevent homelessness.

In 2017, the Admiral Graduates set themselves a goal of raising £10,000 for The Wallich. They have since announced that they smashed their initial target, raising a whopping £12,890.

The dynamic team used a number of innovative and fun ways to fundraise for The Wallich. Here’s a few examples of how they did it:

The candy cane gram

An idea taken from the film Mean Girls. They raised funds by delivering Christmas candy canes to lots of staff in numerous departments throughout Ty Admiral, with well-wishing messages attached.

The sweets-in-a-jar event

The grads asked Admiral staff to guess how many sweets were in the jar. Packed full of 223 lollies, chocolates and Valentine’s themed sweets, the lucky winner went home with the lot.

The St David’s Day raffle

After receiving generous raffle prizes from several local businesses across south Wales, the grads enlisted the help of staff in Cardiff, Newport and Swansea to sell tickets.

Following huge uptake, the grads raised a substantial £11,690 from the raffle alone.

Emily Bonney, from the Admiral Graduate team, said:

“We chose to sponsor The Wallich as a charity who strive to prevent homelessness.

“Rough sleeping in Cardiff doubled in the last two years and we’d all witnessed this first-hand on our way to and from work.

“We felt that the long-term solutions offered to people affected by homelessness made The Wallich a great charity to support.”

The Admiral Graduate Programme has been running for 12 years, training and developing people into successful and long-term employees. One of Admiral’s key commitments as an organisation is to contribute towards local communities; hence grads are encouraged to fundraise for a charity of their choice as part of the programme.

Mike Walmsley, corporate fundraising manager at The Wallich, said:

“We are supporting more and more people across Wales each year, which puts additional demand on our services and resources. This ultimately means that we need to raise more income to support our core funded activities and support these vital services.

“Organisations like Admiral are absolutely key to helping us achieve these aims and raising £12k in such a short period of time really is a phenomenal achievement that will have a huge impact.”

The Wallich operates 70 homelessness projects to support people in Wales which aims to get people off the streets, keep people off the streets and create opportunities for people.

How you can help The Wallich prevent more people from experiencing homelessness in Wales? Visit our Do Something page.