Antonia’s loss will be felt deeply by all who knew and worked with her over her many years of involvement within the sector of homelessness services.

Her legacy will be the many innovative projects The Wallich have developed during her time with the organisation, that will support and enrich so many people's lives.

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Auriol Miller wrote on August 18, 2017:
I was - and am - so very sorry to hear of Antonia's death and have often thought about her in the months since I learned of her awful illness and we no longer worked together and were less regularly in touch.

I worked with Antonia when I was the Director of Cymorth and Antonia was an active member of the Board. From a professional perspective I greatly valued her no-nonsense, get on with it kind of approach, her rigorous focus on what really mattered and her cards on the table openness about her values and how they drove her work. Antonia's vision, integrity, drive and constructive challenge stand out for me. I enjoyed working with her very much indeed, rated her opinion highly and learned a great deal about the sector's challenges and policy nuances from her. I shall miss catching her eye in a meeting and mirroring raised eyebrows at some whopping clanger.

From a personal perspective Antonia was warm, kind and she had a sharply wicked sense of humour. She was supportive in a lovely, straightforward way and it was always good to have her in your corner.

Antonia has been prayed for every week now for a while in Llandaff in our family service there. My thoughts and prayers are with her family and many friends now. I shall look forward to celebrating her life at her memorial service - she will be celebrated and remembered for a long time to come, and rightly so. I know she will continue to inspire many of us.
Jan Balsdon wrote on August 16, 2017:
I have known and worked with Antonia for the last 7 years, since she joined The Wallich. I had the great pleasure of seeing and being part of the transformation of our charity under Antonia’s leadership.
Antonia had a great ‘business head’ and brought much needed skills to not only steady the charity in austere uncertain times, but to also extend our reach and build resilience, which in turn enabled us to provide quality front line services to vulnerable people.
Antonia was a great enabler and visionary, she saw the potential in people and gave them the space to develop and grow. Her example of inclusion for all, allowed us to grow into the organisation that we are now, involving service users as equal partners in the development and delivery of services.
Antonia believed in our values and wasn’t afraid to be challenged or accept responsibility when things went wrong. Her approach was always to learn from our mistakes and move on.
Antonia continued to be supportive even through her own illness, which demonstrated her selflessness and general approach to life. She was an example to us all.
I will miss our one to one sessions (especially those with Monty Dog), Antonia’s wonderful ‘out of the box’ way of thinking, her zest for life (in and out of work) and even her look of displeasure when she was cross….it never lasted long. We as an organisation, and I personally, learnt a great deal from Antonia - her legacy goes on and we will never forget her.
I think of Megan and Monty, the family and Antonia’s army of friends every day.
Antony Kendall wrote on August 16, 2017:
Having worked closely with Antonia for a number of years, her guidance, support and confident outlook will be sorely missed. The Wallich is a strange place without her, but she most certainly leaves behind her legacy of leading The Wallich in becoming a stronger, more professional, creative and inclusive organisation.
Antonia was an excellent leader. Her vision of where to explore next was always intriguing, sometimes leaving me somewhat bewildered of how certain ventures might pan out, but I was always pleasantly surprised. Yet despite this, she was never the one to take credit, but more so, leave it for others, or simply the wider organisation to reflect on its achievements.
Despite her position and authority, Antonia was always humble, modest and approachable by all, and never portrayed herself as being more important than anyone else. Being so down to earth, she was easy to get on with, and never took life too seriously. I’ll always remember how she brightened up head office, with her obvious delight to bring Monty into work, and her jovial manner when he’d go missing……in search of someone’s lunch!
Antonia achieved so much in such a short period of time, I feel a great privilege to have known and worked with her, she’ll never be forgotten. My thoughts are with her family, friends and Monty.
Darren Pritchard wrote on August 16, 2017:
I have known and worked with Antonia for almost 4 years, and it has been a privilege and honour to work for a person who demonstrated so much professionalism, intelligence and most of all the values of the organisation she represented.
Antonia was always supportive, encouraging, and promoted the best in each and every person she worked with. The drive and passion for homelessness services was always at the core of The Wallich with Antonia as the CEO, and that legacy will continue as a fitting tribute to the organisation she has moulded.
I will miss our one to one meetings, that used to stray off into areas where we tried to solve all the issues of the world, and our discussions over the rugby (I did try to convert Antonia to the Welsh colours but she stayed true to England!!), and most of all her leadership and friendship.
We were truly blessed to have known Antonia.
My thoughts are with Megan and her family at this time.
Dave Mason wrote on August 14, 2017:
We were so sorry to learn of Antonia's untimely death. Having worked recently with several people from the Wallich, it was clear to see that the passion, energy and innovation in the way the organisation helped people, was driven from the top, via a great leader. I only regret that I was unable to meet and work with Antonia, but I'm sure her legacy will permeate The Wallich's incredible ongoing work.
Pam and Paul Watson wrote on August 12, 2017:
We as Antonia's parents would like to thank all her work colleagues and friends who have posted such kind and loving words of condolence about her, We hope that her legacy will carry on in helping the homeless, particularly the projects supported by the Wallich.
Jerry Kivlehan -Dublin wrote on August 9, 2017:
During my working life I was fortunate to work with some wonderful people. Among those Antonia was exceptional and unique. I so admired her sense of justice,equality and a deep concern for those on the margins of society and in particular those who were homeless. I treasure the memories of our years of working together at Irish Centre Housing. My thoughts are with her family and friends
Hollie Allen wrote on August 9, 2017:
I worked with Antonia for just over 2 years. She will be sadly missed and I would like to send my warmest condolences and let Meg, Monty and Antonia's' family know that my thoughts are with them at this difficult time. Antonia was a lovely lady and was a pleasure to work with.
Andrew Jenkins (CEO Cardiff YMCA Housing Association) wrote on August 7, 2017:
I was saddened at the news of Antonia's death, and shocked as we all were I am sure despite knowing of her long illness. She and I met together with other CEOs for homeless hostel services in Cardiff over the years - a group which had only just recently started to meet again. She was a wise, thoughtful and diplomatic leader who will be sadly missed and someone who so much more to give. My condolences and those from the YMCA go to her family and to her team at The Wallich.
Anna Teesdale wrote on August 7, 2017:
Antonia was committed to her role and to The Wallich. I remember thanking her for her presence at last years long service awards, which she attended despite her ill health. This to me, showed how much she cared about staff and their contribution to The Wallich over the years.
She believed in our values and helped to steer us and shape us as an organisation.

She will be sadly missed.
Andrea wrote on August 6, 2017:
Antonia had so much more to give, its a great loss that she leaves us so young. Antonia was always full of energy and determination, ready to go to the next level to improve services. As a visionary leader, Antonia led the Wallich with vigour, showing good humour even with difficult issues and made people feel valued and welcome.

Although I only knew Antonia in a work capacity there were always glimpses of her spirit, lust for life and quirks, that have clearly made her very loved by all.
Adam Jacobs wrote on August 5, 2017:
I was so sorry to learn of Antonia's death. We worked together at Hornsey Housing Trust for all too short a time, before Antonia moved to The Wallich. She was kind, generous, inspiring, and exceptionally modest.

We are all the poorer for her passing.
Jon Sparkes wrote on August 4, 2017:
Just awful that Antonia has been taken from us so young and so soon. What an amazing legacy of innovation and service for homeless people. The rest of us will need to double our efforts and resolve to tackle homelessness and support homeless people with the same determination as Antonia did. Just so very sad.
Hazel Buontempo wrote on August 4, 2017:
So saddened to hear the news of Antonia's death. I knew her for a short time as a colleague at The Wallich and seeing the Wallich develop even further over the last few years is testament to her passion and commitment to homeless people. She brought fun with her and I particularly enjoyed meeting Monty dog!
My thoughts and feelings are with those who knew her well - her family, colleagues and many, many friends. You can be proud of how much she achieved and the legacy she leaves.
Sleep well. xx
David Tovey wrote on August 3, 2017:
I only knew Antonia for a few years being a fellow Board member at Cymorth Cymru but soon realised that she was very passionate about improving services and rights to those unfortunate to be homeless and vulnerable. She was a great person to be around and would always help you in any way she could and she will be sorely missed but never forgotten.
Graham Trustee wrote on August 3, 2017:
In the relatively short term Antonia has been with the Wallich she has succeeded in taking the Charity to higher levels . All this has been achieved in difficult austere times. She has certainly left her imprint on the Wallich for many years to come.
Rest in peace Antonia
Alex Osmond wrote on August 3, 2017:
I didn't work with Antonia for long, but during the time that I did, I could see how much she believed in The Wallich's cause, and how much work she had done to build the organisation up. I was humbled when I heard about how much she valued my presence at the organisation, which showed me that her respect and support for the journey of the organisation's service users was genuine and heartfelt. I am sure Antonia's passing leaves many colleagues, friends and family members deeply saddened, but eager to celebrate her life by building on what she has left behind. I know that's what I want to do.
Karina Winter wrote on August 2, 2017:
When the last project I worked for was in trouble, Antonia and the Wallich came to the rescue and saved us. Without Antonia I would not have been working for the Wallich for the last four years and loving it. She was such a strong and inspirational woman and will be missed greatly. My thoughts and condolences go out to her family and friends.
Sian Davies wrote on August 1, 2017:
I haven’t known Antonia for long but as a Trustee I was impressed by her commitment, energy and professionalism. She lit up a room when she entered and was an inspirational leader. She will be hugely missed by the Wallich and I personally will miss her warmth, humour and enthusiasm.
Colin Archer wrote on August 1, 2017:
Very sad to hear the news.

Prior to moving to Wales, Antonia worked at a senior level for housing organisations in London and her loss will be keenly felt here as well as in the principality.