12 Days 12 Ways Christmas

Over the past year we have delivered breakfast and support to over 1,977 homeless people in Cardiff.  

This is a 22% increase compared with 2016-2017.  A sobering statistic. 

At Christmas, traditionally a time of excess and celebration, many people’s thoughts inevitably turn to people who will not be spending the festive period with family, fun and food. 

12 days 12 ways, an initiative developed by The Wallich, outlines 12 different ways that you can help support people experiencing homelessness in your community this Christmas.  

The varied options can be carried out by individuals, groups and businesses and include practical, financial and social ways to get involved and make a difference. 

You can start at any time during the Christmas period, and do all the challenges yourself, or challenge your friends and complete the 12 ways as a team. 

Whatever you do, please don’t ignore those spending Christmas on the streets this Christmas, take part today and help us end homelessness for good. 

1. Sell 50 Wallich Winter Raffle tickets
Raise £100 and give your friends and colleagues the opportunity to win the perfect gift this Christmas

2. Save paper, buy a Wallich e-card
Instead of buying your usual Christmas Cards, make the change and buy a Wallich e-card. Good for the environment and good for the community

3. Organise a Wallich Christmas Jumper day / Wallich Onesie Day
Ask your colleagues to donate £1 and have some fun with a best jumper competition or fashion show

4. Sponsor a bed for a night
For £36.50 / £3 per month, you can help get someone who is experiencing homelessness into safe, secure emergency accommodation with The Wallich

5. Download Streetlink
Send an alert and get help to someone in need – The free app helps link rough sleepers with vital support services

6. #PassTheParcel
Buy a Wallich virtual shoebox containing essential items for people sleeping rough. Give it as a Christmas gift or share your good deed on social media and nominate others to do the same.

7. Volunteer
Pledge your time and skills by signing up to volunteer with The Wallich. Whether it’s supporting teams to deliver vital front-line services, or fundraising, they’ll find the right opportunity for you.

8. One Knit Wonder
Stock up on a unique Christmas gift from John Lewis. One Knit Wonder is a knitting kit with a difference. Profits from each pack go directly to supporting people experiencing homelessness.

9. Have a conversation
Homelessness can be lonely and isolating.  Having a chat with someone experiencing homelessness is one of the best things you can give and can really make a difference.

10. Contact your AM
Contact your Assembly Member and ask them to abolish the ‘priority need’ system in Wales, replacing it with one in which everyone sleeping rough is a priority and gets the support they need, when they need it. 

11. Business benefits
Ask your workplace if they currently support any charities – if not, The Wallich would love to talk to them about the different ways that they can get involved and help end homelessness.

12. New year – new you! 
Sign up to run the Newport Marathon or 10k and set yourself a new year fitness goal while raising funds to support homeless people in your community. 


If you can’t commit to 12 Ways, 12 Days but want to do something you can donate today