The Wallich Clash of the Corporates competition - charity corporate fundrasing

Clash of the Corporates
2019 – raise your game

Clash of the Corporates is an entrepreneurial fundraising competition.

Challenge your team to raise funds for The Wallich and develop new or existing SuperSkills

Clash of the corporates - The Wallich - corporate fundraising challenge

Your team will need to pull together, be resourceful, creative, innovative, hard-working, and organised to return as much profit as you can from a £50 investment in only 50 days for charity.

Compete to win awards for Most Money Raised, Most Creative Idea and Best Teamwork.

Be a SuperBusiness and benefit from:


Clash of the Corporates - The Wallich - CSR, training, networking, brand awareness, corporate fundraising for charity

Clash of the Corporates 2019 start date - charity fundraising




How it works – Raise a Super £2,000

Click on the image below to see an example of how you and your team could raise a super £2,000

Clash of the Corporates - The Wallich - How to fundraise - Corporate fundraising

Team SuperStructure

Teams can be made up of a maximum of 10 people, with a recommendation that teams should be no smaller than four. Larger organisations may wish to enter more than one team for some friendly inter-departmental competition.

All teams will be asked to identify and allocate three specific job roles within their teams to drive accountability and ensure that teams have the structures that will allow them to succeed.

Click on the image below to find out about SuperTeam Roles:

Clash of the Corporates - The Wallich - Team Roles - Corporate fundraising

Identifying and allocating specific roles within the team is a great way to provide leadership opportunities and development.

Each team will have the support of a Team Champion within the business. Ideally this should be a Senior Manager who can advise the teams and facilitate their activities within the business at a senior level.

Competition SuperStructure

Clash of the Corporates 2019 kicks off with a launch event for all team members, where you’ll be given ideas, inspiration, tips and tricks to get you off to flying start.

You’ll be supported all the way by the Fabulous Fundraising Folk at The Wallich who are available on the COTC Hotline throughout the competition to provide help, guidance and advice to help you achieve your goals.

Finally, we end the Clash of the Corporates with a good old fashioned Award celebration. This is a chance for the teams to come together, celebrate your achievements and share your success with each other. There will be fun, prizes and one team will be crowned The Clash of the Corporates Champions 2019 – could it be you?

COTC HOTLINE: 02920 574 772

Want to register your team or get more information? Contact Mike Walmsley – Corporate Fundraising Manager

Call: 029 20574 772