Stack of magaiznes

Regarding the Daily Post article dated 20/03/17 titled:

“School’s fears for pupils’ safety over sex offenders to be housed in Old Colwyn –
Cardiff-based charity looking to overturn council’s decision to block it from creating housing for sex offenders in town.”

The Wallich wishes to clarify:

The proposed project is a Supported Living Residential Project for people who wish to remain abstinent from former substance misuse issues. The proposed residents of the project would be people who have successfully completed a detoxification or rehabilitation and wish to move forward and re-engage positively with society.

Only people who are abstinent at the point of assessment will be admitted to the project.

All referrals to the project would be made via Conwy Social Services and the Housing Department, and assessments would be made in full discussion with the Police, Probation and other statutory services where necessary.

This project has been designed in direct response to the social care needs of the local community.

The Wallich have been operating across Wales to support vulnerable people for nearly 40 years and have an established track record in delivering successful and innovative services for people with varying needs.

Through a comprehensive package of support including one-to-one sessions, workshops to address key life skills, volunteering opportunities and access to education, employment and training, The Wallich gives hope and support to many people who would otherwise be homeless.

The charity wishes to thank the many people who have contacted them in support of the proposed project.

The Wallich strongly believes that everyone deserves the right to a home, but more than that, that everyone deserves the right to feel safe, to feel valued and to feel positive about their future.