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18 Nov 2021

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Shake things up this Christmas and set up your own virtual bucket collection

Bucket collections form an essential part of our charity income around winter.

As we can no longer fundraise this way, we are asking you to shake things up this Christmas and encourage your friends and family to “chuck it in the bucket” for The Wallich.


We’re all adapting

Are you spending less on your commute to the office? Chuck it in the bucket.

No longer getting your daily Festive Spiced Cappuccino? Chuck it in the bucket.

Not paying for a pint or a crafty ale down the local pub? Chuck it in the bucket.

It all adds up.

Set up your bucket

Why organise a virtual collection?

The pandemic continues to present huge challenges for people experiencing homelessness.


Every penny you raise ensures that our vital housing and outreach services across Wales can support at risk people in our communities, helping them to rebuild their lives and move on from homelessness.

Plus, if you manage to raise more than £100, you’ll receive our customised Wallich Christmas Snowglobe to show off and shake with pride.

Create a virtual collection: our tips

Shout about it

Get your friends and family to donate what they can to support your virtual bucket collection throughout Christmas.

Give them an incentive or ask them to think of all the people collecting at carol singing, sports matches and shopping centres who are unlikely to be out this year.

To help you, we have some social sharers that you can post on your social media to get those donations coming in. Drop us an email or follow the hashtag.


Christmas Homeless Fundraising - Carol Singing

Make it a group effort

Set up a virtual collection with your friends or family, your work colleagues.

Do you belong to a choir or football team who would usually raise money for charity at Christmas?

Collecting as a group ensures that you reach more people and spread the word further.

Need help?

For fundraising support and advice, get in touch with our team:

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