Hit the streets

Hit your target | Hit homelessness where it hurts

01 Jun 2022

Hit the streets | Hit your target
Hit homelessness where it hurts

Last year, we supported more than 7,000 people.

We challenge you to complete that many steps each day – reaching your total target of 210,000 steps in June.

Date: 1 June – 30 June

Location: A walking challenge wherever it works for you

Minimum sponsorship target: £100

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Hit The Streets is a virtual fundraising event.

Walk, run, jog, HIIT or dance your way throughout the month while tracking your steps. This is your challenge, your choice.

Every step you do each day = 1 person we supported out of homelessness in a year

How to take part

  1. Get ready.
    Set up your Give Penny page and set your fundraising target.
  2. Get set.
    Receive your online fundraising pack and Wallich socks.
    Join the #TeamWallich Facebook group to meet like-minded individuals, receive tailored advice and share successes.
  3. Get going.
    Complete 7,000 steps every day in June. Track your steps on FitBit, a pedometer or your phone’s health app and manually add steps to your fundraising page.
  4. Get sponsored.
    Ask friends and family to sponsor you to reach your £100 goal.

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So what are you waiting for?


Hit the streets

Hit your target

Hit homelessness where it hurts

Shout about it on social media #HitTheStreets

Why are we hosting this challenge?

Last year, we supported a more than 7,000 people experiencing homelessness across Wales.

From offering a roof over someone’s head to upskilling for the future, we respond to anyone who needs us.

The pandemic, the current cost of living crisis and overall uncertainty has resulted in an increased demand for our services.

The mental toll of homelessness and the thought of losing your home is often invisible but very real.

When asked, almost 70% of The Wallich service users have reported a mental health challenge directly linked to their homelessness experiences.

Supporting us means you help us provide services like our Reflections Network. We connect our service users with a trauma informed counsellor within 28 days.

Not only do our counsellors help individuals in crisis, but they work on the root cause, helping to reduce repeat instances of homelessness.

What you’ll get out of Hit the Streets

Fitness and getting outside can have a positive impact on our mental and physical health.

This summer, we want to encourage people to get moving – for their own benefit and for people experiencing homelessness in Wales.

That’s why we need you to hit the streets.

Take a long stroll around your local park every day or don your Wallich socks for a quick half hour power walk.

Get your body moving as the summer hits.

You could also use the opportunity to reconnect with friends and family focus on your wellbeing – all whilst support those experiencing homelessness across Wales.

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