Hit the streets

Hit your target | Hit homelessness where it hurts

01 Apr 2022

Hit the streets | Hit your target
Hit homelessness where it hurts

Could you hit 7,500 steps a day for a homelessness charity?

Date: 1 April – 30 April
Location: Your local area
Minimum sponsorship target: £100

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Hit the streets is a virtual fundraising event.

Throughout April, we challenge you to hit 7,500 steps every day.

Walk, run, jog, HIIT or dance your way throughout the month. This is your challenge, your choice.

Every step you do = 1 person we supported out of homelessness in a year

How to take part

  1. Get ready.
    Set up your Give Penny page and set your fundraising target.
  2. Get set.
    Receive your online fundraising pack and Wallich t-shirt.
  3. Get going.
    Complete 7,500 steps every day in April. Track your steps on FitBit, a pedometer or your phone’s health app and manually add steps to your fundraising page.
  4. Get sponsored.
    Ask friends and family to sponsor you to reach your £100 goal.

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So what are you waiting for?

Hit the streets

Hit your target

Hit homelessness where it hurts

Shout about it on social media #HitTheStreets

Why are we hosting this challenge?

Last year, we supported at least 7,500 people experiencing homelessness across Wales. From offering a roof over someone’s head to upskilling for the future, we respond to anyone who needs us.

Right now, home has never been so important.

The pandemic continues to present huge challenges for people experiencing homelessness.

The impact of rolling lockdowns, coupled with social distancing guidelines, has resulted in an increased demand for our services, as well as an increased pressure on our teams to provide support safely and effectively.

We know that lockdown has been a difficult time for us all. Many of us will have experienced isolation for the first time during this crisis.

But for people experiencing homelessness, this feeling of isolation and separation from others has been an inescapable part of their lives for a long time before this crisis and will continue beyond the pandemic.

That’s why we need you to hit the streets.

Take a long stroll around your local park every day or don your Wallich t-shirt for a quick half an hour dash.

Get your body moving as the spring season hits.

You could also use the opportunity to reconnect with friends and family focus on your wellbeing* – all whilst support those experiencing homelessness across Wales.

*As always, please follow your local Coronavirus rules and restrictions.

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