Wallympics 2020

23 Jul 2021

Disappointed that the 2020 Tokyo Olympics is postponed due to COVID-19? Us too.

Have no fear, the Wallympics are here

Wallympics 2020 - Tokyo Olympics 2020 - Homelessness Charity Challenge

Wally [to make a fool of yourself] – (O)lympics [to be the best at it]

At The Wallich, we created the Wallympics 2020 for you, your family and friends to get into the Olympic spirit, raise a few quid for people experiencing homelessness and make a Wally out of yourself in the process.


How to become a Wallympian

1. Your event

Choose an Olympic sport to recreate at home.

2. Film your challenge

Making a Wally out of yourself is encouraged – but keep it a secret.

3. Fundraise

Ask your pals to help you raise £20 via a Facebook fundraiser or JustGiving.

4. Share

Post your Wallympics video on social media when you’ve raised £20. Use the hashtag #Wallympics2020 and tag The Wallich in your posts on social media for a chance to win a spot on our official Wallympics medal podium.

5. Nominate

Keep the Olympic spirit alive but challenging your friends and family to come up with a sillier idea.

Wallympic inspiration

Do whatever you like to represent your home team – the sillier the better.

But here’s some ideas to inspire you:


  • Bedroom Boogie: Rhythmic gymnastics – inspired by actor Joe Tracini – do a 20 second video dance challenge
  • Cool in the pool: Paddling pool swimming
  • Teabag shot put: Wet or dry? You decide
  • Weightlifting: How many bags of sugar can you lift?
  • 100m scoot: Sit on a bath matt or rug and scoot to the finish line
  • Synchronised lawning: Plug your nose and choreograph your best on-land routine
  • Dog dressage: Train your pooch to impress the judges

With lockdown measures easing, there’s nothing like a bit of fresh air to escape the restraints of working from home or the stress of working the frontline – while making sure that we follow government guidelines and practice social distancing, of course.

With all the uncertainty in the world right now, we could all use a little bit of lighthearted fun.


Where to share – tagging The Wallich on social media

Twitter: @TheWallich

Facebook: The Wallich Wales

Instagram: @homelessinwales

LinkedIn: The Wallich

YouTube: The Wallich

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