Keep the lights on in Cardiff

Donate to our homelessness campaign this winter and help save our emergency hostels

Keep The Lights On

Keep The Cold Out

We need your help this winter to keep the lights of our emergency hostels on and keep the cold out of the people’s lives.

Rough sleeping is a national emergency.

Donate £4 per month. End homelessness.

The public tells us that they’ve noticed an increase in the number of people on our streets. They’re not wrong. But now you can do something about it.

Shine a light on homelessness this winter. Here’s all the ways you can help end the rough sleeping emergency in Wales:

[How to help graphic – Donate £4 per month, Download StreetLink, Ask what they need, Have a conversation]

Your generous donation of £4 per month could pay for one night in our Nightshelter  – giving someone rough sleeping the gift of a good night’s sleep, keeping them out of the cold.

At The Wallich, we believe a community response to homelessness is the only way to end this national crisis.

Donate regularly or give a one-off donation today