All rough sleepers have different needs and requirements.

Around Christmas time, we get a lot of very generous donations of items like toiletries or clothes, but as a charity we don’t have enough space to store things for when people need them throughout the whole year.

We want to be able to provide items for our clients which are suitable, fit properly and protect against the weather at the time that they need them.

People come in all shapes and sizes and we want people to have a dignified experience when receiving donated clothes from us. The items need to be appropriate and if we give our service users the element of choice, it all goes towards building up a person’s confidence after being homeless.

Buy one of our packs

Help us purchase the essential items on the list, brand new and when people need them.

We’ll give them to the people we meet on our Rough Sleepers Intervention Teams across Wales. Help people like Cheryl, Bob and Lyn to have dignity, stay warm and dry and ultimately move away from the streets for good.


The Summer Essentials Pack – £20

               This pack will contain items such as:


              Sun cream






During hot weather, people experiencing homelessness face a new set of challenges. Those on the streets can be exposed to the sun for long periods – putting them at risk of dehydration, sunburn and other serious conditions.

The Summer Essentials Pack contains items like water and sun cream, which can help reduce the risk of these issues becoming more serious and potentially life-threatening.


The Cheryl – The Fresh & Clean Pack £5

  This pack will contain items such as:

                                                     Wet Wipes                                                   




                                                      Sanitary Items



Cheryl* made contact with our Cardiff Rough Sleepers Intervention Team this summer. She was sleeping rough and had few belongings, but carried with her a big purse containing make-up, wet wipes and personal hygiene products which she always asked the team to re-stock.

Cheryl said, “Just because I’m homeless, doesn’t mean I have to look like a mess”. Personal care was important for Cheryl, as it is for most of our service users. The ability to keep clean fosters dignity and self-worth and can be an important step in moving away from the streets.


The Bob – The Warm & Dry Pack £10

This pack will contain items such as:



                                                      Heat Packs






Bob* was a service user of our Swansea Rough Sleepers Intervention Team. He had been on the streets for months and one of his biggest struggles was keeping warm and dry.

Bob said, “When you get wet on the streets, you stay wet and you cannot warm back up.” Unfortunately, even today, trench foot is a reality for many people sleeping rough. Warm, dry items such as socks, thermals and gloves can give some short-term comfort and keep people healthy until they ready to engage with services and move away from rough sleeping.

The Lyn – The Top-to-Toe Pack £25

This pack will contain items such as:

                                                      Boots or Coat








Lyn* was a service user of our Bridgend Rough Sleepers Intervention Team. Lyn was a slight man and a lot of the donated clothes we had were too big for him, so the Team struggled to keep him warm.

Lyn resorted to accepting women’s clothes and commented that, although he was embarrassed, he “had no choice”. This element of choice is so important to people sleeping rough. In an already devastating situation, the last thing vulnerable people need is to feel like they have no dignity and that their choices have been taken away from them. A new coat in a particular colour, or shoes that fit properly, can improve someone’s confidence and make them feel valued.


Share your good deed on Facebook or Twitter using #PasstheParcel and nominate a friend to buy a Lyn, a Bob, or a Cheryl and reach out to rough sleepers. Here’s an example post:

“I’ve reached out to a rough sleeper, now I’m going to #PasstheParcel to you @friend I nominate you to buy a Bob/Cheryl/Lyn and make life better for homeless people”


*Names have been changed to protect the identity of our clients.