Inside the Senedd

The Wallich welcomes the announcement in the Welsh Government Draft Budget that the Supporting People Programme Grant will be protected at £124.4m for 2016/17. The Grant supports over 60,000 people in Wales every year, preventing homelessness and enabling people to live independently in their own homes.

We use the Supporting People Programme Grant to support people like Kerry (Read Kerry’s Story) and the news that it will not face a cut in 2016/17 will allow us to go on supporting people at a similar level.

However, the proposed cut of £524,000 from the Homelessness Prevention Action budget is concerning, a decrease in homelessness prevention funding of 8.1%. The Housing (Wales) Act 2014 brought Wales to the forefront of preventing people losing their homes in terms of legislation but the reduction in funding will make the reality of fewer individuals and families losing their homes much harder to achieve.

We are happy that the Welsh Government has listened to charities and protected the Supporting People Programme Grant and we are looking forward to showing the similar value of other prevention funds such as the Homelessness Prevention Action budget.