What can the public do across Wales?


The most important thing is to connect people sleeping rough with services which can help them and with the accommodation that is available to them.  The quickest and easiest way to do this is via StreetLink (although if you have immediate concerns about someone’s wellbeing dial 999).


Contact StreetLink online,
by phone 0300 500 0914
or download the handy phone app.


You need to give just a few details about where and when you saw the person you are concerned about. The details you provide are then sent to the local authority or outreach service for the area in which you have seen the person, to help them find the individual and connect them to support.

Your alert will be actioned straight away but please be aware that if you see the person you are concerned about again, that doesn’t mean your alert has failed. It often takes outreach teams some time to engage with someone and gain their trust before they are ready to accept help but we will keep trying and we won’t give up.


At The Wallich

Although the weather conditions are particularly bad at the moment – it is our goal 365 days a year to get people off the streets and into safety and this week is no different to any other for us.

We’ll be out with our Rough Sleepers Intervention Teams every morning across Wales offering hot food, warm clothes, blankets and most importantly advice on where to get accommodation and support.

Our Nightshelters and Hostels will be open and we will work with our partner agencies, sharing up to the minute capacity information to ensure everyone has a place to go.


Donating funds to The Wallich will help us continue our vital services
for people experiencing homelessness in Wales.


Many have different feelings about giving money to people they meet on the street, and there isn’t any right answer to this issue.  Some feel more comfortable donating to homelessness charities, some would prefer to give a practical donation.

The Wallich has a scheme called Pass The Parcel which provides items for rough sleepers which are practical, fit properly and available at the time that they need them.  The sleeping bags, boots, toiletries and thermals we hand out today will have been paid for by the generosity of the public through this scheme.


Most homelessness services in Wales are accessed via your local council

There are 22 councils in Wales.

Search online for ‘Housing Options’ followed by the name of your council or area. For example: ‘Housing Options Cardiff’ or ‘Housing Options Ceredigion’.

Or you can visit the council offices in person and ask about the Housing Options department.


Help across Wales

The main message we want to get out to the public – along with our partner agencies across Wales – is that there are many services working together to support people experiencing homelessness.

Cold Weather Provision is in operation across Wales during minus temperatures and churches open their doors for people to sleep at night, in addition to the hostel places available.

Above all it is important for everyone to be aware of who is sleeping rough out there, ask them if they are ok, check on them and look out for them as you would any other vulnerable member of the community, send an alert to StreetLink using the app and ensure you alert the authorities if you have any immediate concerns about someone’s wellbeing or safety.


Provide someone with essential, new and appropriate items with Pass The Parcel.


However, if you are unable to help in any other way,  there’s certainly no harm in offering someone a warm drink, some food or a blanket – or even just someone to talk to for a while.

Above all it is important for the public to be aware of people sleeping rough, ask them if they are ok, check on them and look out for them as they would any other vulnerable member of the community and ensure they alert the authorities if they have any immediate concerns about someone’s wellbeing or safety.