Working in Sustainable Employment (WISE)

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The Working in Sustainable Employment (WISE) project is a six-month employability project

WISE is designed to support people to move into work, either with The Wallich or with our corporate partners across south Wales.

The WISE project offers people the tools to gain sustainable, meaningful employment in their communities, whatever their chosen career path.

We recognise the vital role that work can play in getting people out of the cycle of homelessness for good.

WISE west graduation

Research demonstrates that some of the main barriers to employment for homeless or vulnerable housed people are:

67% of Wallich service users have had a job in the last two years, the majority want to work and just need the right tools and support to overcome these barriers

WISE offers training sessions, volunteering opportunities and work placements within The Wallich and with our corporate employers.

WISE has been developed in collaboration with our service users and includes pre-employability training such as; confidence building, goal setting, communication skills, dressing for work and interview skills.

Alongside this, WISE offers mentoring, industry-standard qualifications and on-the-job experience whilst also offering support through the probationary period for people moving into employment.

Our WISE corporate partners include: PS group, St David’s Centre, YMCA, Community Museum Wales, Ffwrnes, Acorn Recruitment and many more.

We are always looking for more WISE employers. Contact us if you could provide opportunities for our clients.


Leading by example

As an organisation, The Wallich has committed to employing people who have experienced homelessness.

We have pledged to employ 25% of staff who have previously either been supported by us or have lived experienced homelessness. Presently (October 2018), 19.52% of The Wallich’s workforce fit into that category.

See Case Studies for examples of employees who have successfully made this transition.

“The Wallich has been behind me 100%. It’s a long journey but now I’m out the other side I’m much happier. I’ve settled into a privately rented flat, I have a child and I love my job, it gives me a real buzz.”

– WISE graduate

If you would like to find out more about the WISE project, including offering work placements and sharing your skills, please get in touch.

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