This year, we needed funds for a new homelessness Street Fleet. We’re now proud to announce that we’ve done it – and it’s all thanks to you!

In October 2017, the South Wales Echo and The Wallich, launched a winter campaign to help prevent homelessness.

The Reaching Out to Rough Sleepers initiative set a target of raising £75,000 to buy five new vehicles for The Wallich’s Rough Sleepers’ Intervention Teams.

Since its launch, we are delighted to announce that we have exceeded our target to raise a staggering £82,613.

The money raised will now be allocated specifically to the new, much-needed vehicles, which will be known as the Street Fleet.

The Wallich’s Rough Sleepers’ Intervention Teams go out to engage with people experiencing homelessness every morning across Wales. They offer hot food and drinks, advice, support and signposting to services to help get people off the streets and into safety.

The new vehicles, will improve the speed, quality and reach of this service and will help to offer a lifeline to more people experiencing homelessness.

The Street Fleet will get people off the streets and take them to specialist Wallich solutions centers where they can shower, use a washing machine and meet with staff in the hope of securing accommodation and further health and wellbeing support.

Beyond getting people off the streets, the vehicles have the potential to keep people off the streets, by moving people and their possessions into hostels or their own homes.

They will also create opportunities for people by taking them to training, education and work placements or on life-changing trips.

All of these services aim to help people who have experienced homelessness to lead happier, safer and more independent lives.

Infographic (As at 11am Friday 15th December)

Over the last 12 weeks, our community has really come together. You lovely people have, not only, donated your money for the Street Fleet, but you’ve also volunteered to help us fundraise, collectively run more than 400 hundred miles, got wet and muddy, sung your hearts out and even Morris-danced to help us reach our target.

Thanks to you and the new vehicles, next year our teams will be able to have thousands of conversations with rough sleepers as they take their first step away from homelessness. We’ll be able to deliver thousands of hot drinks and thousands of bacon rolls as we encourage rough sleepers to engage with solutions services.

Most importantly – this provides thousands of opportunities to help to get people off the streets and into safety.

Jan Balsdon, Director of Fundraising and Partnerships at The Wallich, said:

“We are incredibly grateful to the South Wales Echo for highlighting the diverse stories of those experiencing homelessness and the type of work The Wallich does to support people.

“Huge thanks must go to those who have contributed to our Reaching Out to Rough Sleepers campaign, both businesses and individuals.

“Your help will have a positive impact in getting people off the streets and into safety this Christmas and for years to come.”

Thank you for helping us reach out to rough sleepers in Wales, we appreciate your support.
With special thanks to:
The 31 runners who raised more than £8,000 running the Cardiff Half Marathon.
The nine teams who took part in this year’s Clash of the Corporates which raised more than £22,000 in just 50 days.
Sytner BMW who helped to raise more than £2,500 during the unveiling of the new BMW M5.
The Waterloo Foundation whose contribution helped us to reach our final target.
St Davids | Dewi Sant for donating prizes, and all those who bought a Reaching Out to Rough Sleepers Raffle ticket, which helped to raise more than £3,000.
I Loves the ‘Diff and all of the artists involved in designing our bespoke, limited edition Christmas cards, which raised around £4,000.
And not forgetting, the 504 people who very generously made a donation, set up a regular gift, or held a fundraising event to help us raise nearly £35,000.

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