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Susan received support from The Wallich which enabled her to increase her confidence and overcome issues experienced as a result of an abusive relationship. Here, she reflects on her journey.

“When I received the news that I would receive support from the Wallich, I didn’t expect much. I had been housebound for a few years, alcohol dependant and had just suffered liver failure. I did not want to go out, nor get dressed and had no independence.

My partner at that time controlled my money and my confidence and self-esteem were non-existent. I just expected a phone call from The Wallich and someone popping in to see me now and again.

One year later, I can reflect on the support I have received.

At the beginning, it was a phone call to see how I was and to ask me if I needed anything. Then, as this continued, my confidence started to slowly increase.

After a long time, I was ready to go out for the first time – just for a trip in the car, then out for a quick coffee. I felt safe with support from The Wallich; everything was at my pace. I had no shoes or clothes. Eventually, with support, I was able to buy a pair of jeans and shoes and a coat with my money. Gradually I was going out of the house each week and my confidence increased.

For the first time, I felt as though someone cared about my wellbeing. I then started attending important medical appointments, with The Wallich being able to get me to them on time. This was helping to improve my physical and mental health.

My support worker has enabled me to turn my life around. She is non-judgemental, caring and always cheerful and totally reliable. I have had a life of instability and The Wallich brings routine, confidence and stability to my life.

I moved away from my abusive ex-partner six months ago and my support worker was a major support in this move. I live in a different town and lead a happier life and the ongoing support from The Wallich is a lifeline to me.

My support worker takes me out weekly and she still ensures that I attend important appointments. She can detect straight away if I am starting to become reclusive and she gently persuades me to go somewhere with her. We went for a lovely walk yesterday which lifted my mood.

Moving forward

I have come a long way from the house bound person I was and much of it would not have happened without The Wallich.

I attend all my medical appointments. I can share my problems with my support worker, and we can find a solution.

I can also enjoy having a laugh for the first time in years. The support from The Wallich has turned out to far exceed any of my expectations.

I could have died by now. I now have a safe place to live, food in my fridge, and clothes I can wear.”


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