Lets keep on Supporting People

The Supporting People Programme Grant and Homelessness Prevention Grant have been maintained at their 2016/17 level for 2017/18 in the Welsh Government’s draft budget released today.

The Wallich warmly welcomes the Welsh Government’s focus on preventing homelessness and supporting people to rebuild their lives through investing in preventative funding programmes.

Over 5000 homeless and vulnerably housed people are supported by The Wallich each year in Wales, the majority of whom have benefited from both Homelessness Prevention Grant and Supporting People funded projects. From our Rough Sleeper Intervention Teams supporting street homeless people in our towns and cities, to The Wallich hostels and supported housing, the two funding streams work together to fund The Wallich to get people off the streets, keep people off the streets and give them the stability they need to rebuild their lives.

In the words of Dee, who received support funded by Supporting People:

“Step by step, I’ve been able to turn my life around.  Thanks to the Wallich, I’m living local in a flat that I love and I’m doing something positive in my steps back to work.”

Full details of the Welsh Government Draft Budget