On 27 September 2017, we launched our Support that Saves report at the National Assembly for Wales.

We’re proud to announce the publication of the Support that Saves report, which assesses the value for money of support provided by The Wallich.

At the report’s launch event, we welcomed guests including Assembly Members, officials from the Welsh Government and colleagues from across the housing sector, to Cardiff Bay to discuss the comprehensive report, our services and the savings our work brings.

The event was sponsored by David Melding AM and included presentations from the report’s author, Alex Osmond, and one of our inspirational clients who spoke about their experiences.

The report

Support that Saves investigates the savings that can be made to the public purse, by providing people who have housing-related need, with the right support.

The report includes case studies from real service users of The Wallich.

Each case study breaks down the costs of an individual’s use of public services – such as the NHS, criminal justice system, social care and other services – over a particular period, before they started receiving the right support. It’s then compared to the cost of support during the time they spent as a client of The Wallich.

The Support That Saves report concludes that for every £1 spent on The Wallich’s homelessness support services, £2.99 is saved.

Given today’s financial climate, this is a considerable saving. However, our focus is not just on savings and statistics, but on the real people behind these numbers.

Antony Kendall, Director of Operations at The Wallich said:

“Wales is already leading the way when it comes to preventing homelessness, following the passage of the Housing (Wales) Act 2014.

“However, the Supporting People programme, which covers a significant portion of the cost of our services, is a vital part of Wales’ approach to tackling homelessness, and its funding is at serious risk in this year’s budget discussions.

“We hope that this report highlights how important Supporting People funding is, and how vital it is that the Supporting People programme continues to support some of Wales’ most vulnerable people.

“The Support that Saves report shows that the right support saves money and lives.”

Read the full Support that Saves report.

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