The Wallich is extremely concerned to hear that Welsh Government, in its draft detailed Budget, is essentially proposing to remove ring-fenced Supporting People funding entirely for 2019/20, and to some degree 2018/19.

The Welsh Government’s proposals to merge funding streams with non-housing/homelessness related programmes in 2019/20 – which in itself potentially sees an overall reduction in total funds of around £13 million – risks the funding not being focused on people who are at risk of, or are actually homeless.

Disappointingly, this announcement comes three weeks after the initial draft Budget set out Welsh Government’s intention to protect Supporting People funding for two years. While rough sleeping levels continue to rise at a concerning rate, these proposals threaten to force even more people into the harmful and risky situation of living on our streets.

We urge Welsh Government to rethink these plans. Once the money is diverted away from services supporting society’s most vulnerable, it may be difficult to undo.

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