People doing Yoga in city hall

Over two hundred yogis took over Cardiff City Hall on Sunday 10th May to raise money for The Wallich in an initiative called Yoga For Good.

Cardiff-based Yoga Fever, organized the event, which was kindly sponsored by CPS Group and featured a full day of varied yoga classes, alongside stalls selling delicious handmade snacks and therapists offering massage and reflexology.

Yoga teachers from across Wales committed their time to the event free of charge and the therapists also worked for free – asking for donations to the charity in lieu of payment.

Catherine Kelleher, Founder of Yoga Fever, explained the idea behind Yoga For Good;

“Compassion is a key concept in yoga. When you embrace yoga as a lifestyle you incorporate compassion for yourself and others into your day to day life. Yoga Fever have always done this on a small scale – occasionally offering classes for free and asking for donations to charity – and then we did a large scale event to raise funds for the Philippines Typhoon Appeal in 2013. This time, we wanted to focus on a local charity and The Wallich has projects near our studio so we chose them”.

There is another, more personal reason that Catherine chose to support The Wallich. Her eldest brother sadly passed away in his forties after struggling for many years with drug addiction, mental health issues and street homelessness. Catherine says;

“People are surprised when they hear about my family’s story. The stigma and assumptions about homelessness are that it could ‘never happen to me’ and we are proof that it can happen to anyone, from any background”.

Laughter yoga, acrobatic yoga and pregnancy yoga were just a few of the 25 different types of yoga which took place.

Participants also raised extra sponsorship by taking part in a challenge to complete 108 sun salutations – a dynamic sequence of lunges and stretches.

So far the total raised from the event is £4,918.41 and with more donations continuing to come in, Yoga Fever are confident the total will reach £5,000.

All the details can be found at

If you couldn’t attend, you can support the event with a £5 donation by texting: YOGA15 £5 to 70070