Everyone has a human right to a home

01 Apr 2021

The Wallich homeless manifesto - Senedd Elections 2021 - Wales Politics

We support the calls from  Tai Pawb, CIH Cymru, Shelter Cymru  and others, for the next Welsh Government to fully incorporate the right to adequate housing into Welsh law.

Whilst the current duties upon local authorities to relieve homelessness are welcome, we believe that a human rights-based approach is the best possible way to ensure everyone in Wales is afforded the basic dignity of a safe and secure place to call home.

Good quality housing is an essential part of living a happy and healthy life.

We know that not having suitable, stable accommodation leads not only to poorer physical and mental health, but also to poorer educational outcomes amongst children, barriers to employment, and access to local services.

Additionally, research has shown us that homelessness is disproportionately more likely to happen to people who have had adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), or experienced some kind of trauma in their past.


A human rights approach is essential to recognise the complex needs of these individuals, who might have support needs from mental health, substance misuse, or criminal justice services, as well as housing support.

Only through effective multi-agency working can these needs be fully addressed.

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