Leave a gift in your Will

Leave the legacy of a brighter future for someone experiencing homelessness

Thinking about what happens once we’re gone is often something we’d rather put to the back of our minds – but it could be one of life’s most important decisions.

Your legacy could be to re-start someone’s life, offer a brighter future and provide a route out of homelessness.

Leaving a gift in your Will to charity allows us to plan long into the future and ensure that we can continue to be there providing solutions for those who need them.

A small contribution can have a huge impact and you can help provide a future where homelessness is a thing of the past.

Your legacy could be to re-start someone’s life, offer a brighter future and provide a route out of homelessness.

What will your legacy be?

A future where nobody is forced to sleep rough.

We’re constantly looking for new and innovative ways to provide a solution to the increasing number of people forced to sleep rough.

Whether it’s introducing more affordable housing or making Rapid Rehousing the dominant model in Wales, your legacy could influence a future where nobody has to spend a night on the streets.

Read our case studies and see how your donation will make a difference

Housing First Wales - Homelessness Charity - The Wallich

A new sense of community

A lack of suitable, affordable housing is one of the biggest challenges we face in helping people off the streets.

We have a vision to develop the first micro-village in Wales – a community of sustainable, self-contained small homes where people can live as they begin to re-build their lives.

A gift in your Will could help to create a new sense of community for those who have faced social isolation for so long.

Breaking the cycle of homelessness for good

For those who can work, securing paid and stable employment is often the best route out of homelessness.

By offering someone the opportunity to develop their confidence and skills, we can help them to end their homelessness for good.

A gift in your will could offer a brighter future for those who have been kept in the dark.

More information about leaving a legacy

For further information about how you can donate in your Will or how your gift will help those in need, contact our team.

Email: dosomething@thewallich.net

Call: 029 2066 8464

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