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During this difficult and uncertain time, home has never been more important

Throughout this Coronavirus crisis, services remain open across Wales, with teams committed to ensuring that help is there for anyone experiencing homelessness.

Coronavirus is a significant challenge for us and the people we support, which also comes at an additional cost.

As a charity, we are spending £22,000 each week to keep people safe and limit the transmission of the virus within our communities across Wales.

Due to cancellation of planned events and fundraising activities, we also estimate losses of up to £130,000.

While significant progress has been made in recent weeks, homelessness has not gone away.

People continue to sleep rough on our streets and people continue to be made homeless during the crisis.


It is paramount that we can continue to provide support throughout, and beyond, this crisis.

Please help us today by donating or raising £20 and helping us to get people off the streets, keep people off the streets and create opportunities for them during the coronavirus pandemic and beyond.

How your donation can help now


£20 could help keep people safe and delay transmission of COVID-19 within our communities by:

  • Ensuring someone who was rough sleeping and is now temporarily accommodated receives a hot, nutritious meal every day for a week
  • Supplying a weeks’ shopping for someone without the means to support themselves whilst self-isolating in a hostel
  • Providing digital access to combat boredom and maintain wellbeing for people experiencing poverty in isolation
  • Giving someone who is struggling, access to a therapeutic counselling session via videocall

How your donation can help people in the future

With £20, you can help us recover, restore and rebuild services within our communities, so that no one returns to homelessness by:

Fundraise or donate £20 and help rebuild and restore homelessness services in your community

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