Corporate partnerships

Working in partnership with businesses to tackle homelessness

Partnering with a charity, in whatever capacity works for your business, can be a fulfilling and worthwhile experience.

As there are different types of business, there are also different types of corporate partnership.

At The Wallich, we work closely with our corporate partners to understand what you want to achieve from your charity partnership.

Whether it’s nominating The Wallich as your ‘Charity of the Year’ or providing work experience for the people we support, our team develops bespoke relationships with companies which focus on your business needs, whilst helping us prevent homelessness in Wales.

Why work with us


Increased staff engagement and skills development through fundraising and team-building activities.


Deliver social value through volunteering opportunities, skills transfer, work placements, and pro-bono goods and services.


Sponsorship, corporate donations and raising brand awareness.


Whether you choose a Charity of the Year Partnership or a longer term strategic partnership, working with The Wallich can deliver benefits to your business and staff teams.

For more information on corporate partnerships with The Wallich, contact us.


Call: 07824 991 421

“At ISG we are always looking for ways to attract new talent into the industry. We see our work with Acorn and The Wallich as a valuable way for us to give back to the community and help people achieve.”

Jon James, Regional Director, ISG


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