Our research and policy team produces in-depth reports about homelessness and related issues in Wales

Homelessness is a complicated issue with many factors contributing to why someone is without a home.

Being homeless impacts on many parts of a person’s life, affecting their health, education and ability to find work and it can lead to an increase in re-offending for those with a criminal past.


Latest reports

We undertake research with our service users in order to better understand homelessness, as well as commissioning external researchers to undertake larger projects.

We use what we learn to influence those with the power to make lives better for homeless people in Wales by pro-actively suggesting how services can be improved and responding to councils and the Welsh Government when they ask for information.

Front cover 2018 - Client Satisfaction Report - The Wallich 2018
21 May 2019

Client Satisfaction Survey 2018-19

The Wallich asked its service users 20 questions, rating the support they receive from ‘Excellent’ to ‘Bad’, in order to improve the quality of its service delivery.

96% of our clients rated The Wallich’s overall support as ‘Excellent’ or ‘Good’.