Our response to Welsh Government’s White Paper on Ending Homelessness

16 Jan 2024

The Welsh Government has published a white paper on legislative reform needed to end homelessness in Wales, and has invited organisations to give their views on the proposals.

The Wallich winter fundraising campaign to alleviate hardship for people in Wales

On 10 October 2023, РWorld Homelessness Day Рthe Welsh Government published a White Paper on legislative reforms needed for ending homelessness in Wales. The proposals in this white paper were informed by the work of the Expert Review Panel convened by Crisis, who themselves consulted with experts from across the sector, including over 300 experts by experience.

The White Paper includes over 50 distinct proposals, across five different chapters:

1. Reform of existing core homelessness legislation

2. The role of the Welsh public service in preventing homelessness

3. Targeted proposals to prevent homelessness for those disproportionately affected

4. Access to accommodation

5. Implementation

As Wales’ largest homelessness charity, we at The Wallich shared our views with the Government on the White Paper proposals, and highlighted areas for potential improvement.

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