Mental Health on Hold report

28 Mar 2023

The Wallich has launched a new report exploring the issues of crisis mental health, homelessness and co-occurring substance use in Wales.

The mental health emergency is disproportionately affecting people in homelessness

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The Mental Health on Hold report by The Wallich details barriers to access and a breakdown in the mental health referral system, leading to vulnerable people in crisis being criminalised and retraumatised.

Topline findings 

83% found it difficult to access the right support for clients (63% really difficult)
8% said that no help was available
Just 3% of staff said appropriate support was available 

481 incidents of self-harm or suicidal ideation
294 incidents relating to drug or alcohol overdoses
1,508 incidents of erratic or aggressive behaviou

Whilst on paper services claim to be accessible to all who need them, in practice there are real barriers faced by people experiencing homelessness, despite high levels of need. 

Content warning
This report contains explicit references and descriptions of suicide, self-harm, drug and alcohol use and violence