Our evidence to The Senedd’s inquiry into homelessness

01 Dec 2022

The Senedd’s Local Government and Housing Committee is undertaking an inquiry into homelessness in Wales.

In January 2022, the committee wrote to a number of stakeholders, including The Wallich, to share views on the current situation in the housing sector, and ask a number of specific questions.

The committee was at that time interested in;

After further investigations throughout the spring and summer, the committee agreed a terms of reference for their inquiry.

The Committee has agreed to examine:

The Committee once again wrote to stakeholders, to provide up to date evidence on the current position across homelessness services.

We were also invited to give evidence to the committee in person, at their meeting on 24 November.

Thomas Hollick, Policy and Public Affairs Coordinator at The Wallich attended the Senedd to answer questions from members of the committee, alongside other representatives from the sector, including Cymorth Cymru, The Salvation Army, and Nacro

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