Our evidence to Welsh Government’s Ending Homelessness Outcomes Framework

18 Sep 2023

The Welsh Government has published its draft Ending Homelessness Outcomes Framework, and has invited organisations to give their views

The Wallich client Lee holds up crafts on Anglesey - Housing support - homelessness

In June 2023, the Welsh Government published its draft Ending Homelessness Outcomes Framework, defining what it means to end homelessness in Wales, and setting out milestones and metrics against which we can measure progress towards this ambition.

This draws upon the Welsh Government’s Ending Homelessness Action Plan, which charts a path towards making homelessness ‘rare, brief, and unrepeated’.

The draft framework sets out six strategic outcomes – Rare, Brief, Unrepeated, Workforce, Public Service Response, and Person-Centred Approach – and against each of these there are between three and nine detailed outcomes, each with a range of data indicators to measure progress.

As Wales’ largest homelessness charity, we at The Wallich shared our views with the Government on the draft outcomes framework, and highlighted areas for potential improvement.

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