Our evidence to Welsh Government’s inquiry into housing adequacy and fair rents

15 Sep 2023

The Welsh Government is undertaking an inquiry into housing adequacy and fair rents in Wales

(L-R) Jess (Conflict Res Worker) and Jason in St Johns kitchen having a cuppa (landscape)

In June 2023, the Welsh Government published a green paper, consulting on opportunities to improve the adequacy of rented accommodation, as well as possible interventions to deliver fair rents in a market which has seen rapid increases since 2020.

The inquiry was launched in the context of the Cooperation Agreement between the Welsh Government and Plaid Cymru, as well as a longstanding campaign to embed the Right to Adequate Housing in Welsh law.

The green paper asked 22 questions on the principles and practical steps that might be taken to progress this agenda.

As Wales’ largest homelessness charity, we at The Wallich shared our views with the Government, on the positive changes that could be made, as well as any potential unintended consequences.

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