Construction Bootcamp Participants

20 Aug 2018

How could a construction bootcamp change the lives of ex-offenders in Wales?

Nestled in the valleys of the Vale of Glamorgan, Arc Academy‘s latest recruits for its construction bootcamp are working hard at their new project.

With continued support from The Wallich’s Building Opportunities Skills and Success (BOSS) team, a selection of our service users recently participated in a unique four-week intensive course.

It’s for people who are interested in a career in groundwork or construction, but don’t know how to get a foot in the door.

Seeing our clients develop and learn during the course is inspiring. Their new skillset brings new hope, helping to break the stigma of a criminal record for the future.

We interviewed a few of our guys about the course and how they found it. Watch our short video:

The course

I was out of work for four months, as my CSCS card had run out and did not have the money to renew it. I was a bit down my luck ’til I was told about The Wallich.

Many of the participants learned entirely new construction principles or upskilled from their previous experience to get them a better rate of pay. The course included many skills such as:

The Wallich – creating opportunities for people

We’re delighted that three of our participants have secured full-time, permanent, paid employment as a direct result of the bootcamp and the support provided by BOSS.

Offering unique experiences for clients is something that we pride ourselves on, here at The Wallich.

As well as the opportunity to gain new skills and better job prospects, the experiences we offer gives people enhanced confidence and self-assurance that they can tackle anything in their lives.

My life was quite hard before. I wouldn’t have had the chance The Wallich has given me.

My life before entering The Wallich was not very good. I was looking at being homeless and unemployed.

Could you offer our clients unique work experience, with support from The Wallich, to help people break the cycle of homelessness or re-offending? Email to get involved today.

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