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12 Jan 2018

Homeless Man Finds Home Stevan Williamson 01

Read Stevan’s experience of homelessness in west Wales. He has engaged with The Wallich’s Ceredigion Solutions Service [link] and has hope for a new future.

“Before coming to The Wallich, I was living in a tent in the woods with my dog Jack.

Apart from a few short tenancies, I have been homeless and transient for the last 30 years.

I have always found it a struggle to settle down. This is partly because I feel unsafe indoors, due to trauma caused by a house fire from childhood. I have also struggled with alcoholism throughout my adult life.

Getting help

The Wallich has helped me in lots of ways; this includes providing rough sleepers’ resources like a hot breakfast, hot showers and food parcels, laundry services.

They gave me a sleeping bag when mine broke and extra blankets when the weather was cold. They applied for a grant for an outside stove which was a real practical help.

The Wallich provided me with a care-of address for my post. They helped me to engage with other services such as the local authority and health/benefit services.

Lastly, they sourced accommodation for me; they’ve helped me apply for grants for rent advances and liaised with the landlord on my behalf.

Without The Wallich, I would still be in my tent.

Looking Forward

I want to start voluntary work with a view to help others. I think it is important to educate the young about homelessness and substance misuse.

I would like to meet someone with a view to settling down. I feel now I am no longer homeless and this is much more realistic prospect for me.

I’m still a bit shocked and stunned in the sudden change in my lifestyle and finding in strange to be inside so much. But I am looking forward to working on other areas of my life, now that I have a settled base.

I have started engaging with the local drug and alcohol service to address my drinking and I hope to start peer mentoring at some point in the future to help others going through the same as me.

My health has drastically improved since I was housed.

I would just like to say I am extremely grateful to The Wallich, for the help and support they have given me over the last year.”

Picture courtesy of Cambrian News,

Stevan has also recently featured in a Cambrian News article.

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