How to get help if you are homeless or think you’re about to become homeless

The information below aims to help you find the support you need.

Note: This information applies to Wales only. For England see Homeless Link.

The support available will change depending on your personal circumstances – for example, if have children or mental health issues you will need tailored services.

What is homelessness?

You are ‘homeless’ if:

-You do not have accommodation that you are legally entitled to occupy
-Your accommodation is not accessible to you
-For another reason it isn’t reasonable to stay in your accommodation

These are all examples of homelessness:

-Sleeping rough
-Living on a friend or relative’s sofa (sofa surfing)
-Living away from home due to domestic abuse despite having a legal right to occupy that property
-Living in a hostel, B&B or other temporary accommodation because you do not have, or cannot access, your own home


Are you sleeping rough?

If you are sleeping rough, or are concerned about someone you’ve seen sleeping rough, please tell StreetLink. This connects rough sleepers to the local services who can support them.

  • Call 0300 500 0914
  • Visit StreetLink
  • Download the free app for Apple or Android


Are you homeless?

If you have become homeless, or think you may be about to become homeless, tell your local council’s Housing Options centre. Most homelessness services in Wales are accessed via your local council.

There are 22 councils in Wales.

Search online for ‘Housing Options’ followed by the name of your council or area. For example: ‘Housing Options Cardiff’ or ‘Housing Options Ceredigion’.

Or you can visit the council offices in person and ask about the Housing Options department.


More online and telephone advice

Shelter Cymru

The Shelter Cymru website offers expert advice and support for people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. You can also ring their advice line on 03450 755005.

Shelter Cymru have launched a free housing advice app which is available for download for Apple, Android and Windows phones and tablets.

Samaritans Cymru

The Samaritans are always ready to listen.

You can contact them free on 116 123 available 24 hours a day. For a Welsh language service, call 0808 164 0123 which is available 7pm-11pm, seven days a week.