Comedy and Tragedy masks

After working with TVO throughout 2015, The Wallich is excited to announce the development of these projects into a formal partnership in 2016.

TVO use Applied Theatre & Film techniques as a form of therapy with individuals, groups & communities.  They work together with targeted groups in need of counselling and support, achieved through development in Applied Arts.  Their goal is to integrate & reintegrate individuals into communities through therapy based arts projects.

In 2015 we worked together to deliver workshops to Wallich residents and service users across Wales.  The workshops explored homelessness and related issues, looking at how these issues affect the people we support and how they can break away from the labels and stigmas that are often forced upon them. These workshops used the methods of Applied Theatre – a participatory approach to working with our stories created by people who would not usually make theatre, which is inclusive and challenges discrimination and marginalization.

The ethos of TVO – including the use of co-production, the goal of inclusivity, and the challenging of stereotypes – is very similar to the way we work at The Wallich and will offer many positive opportunities for growth and development for both organisations.

We have developed a partnership agreement that will see TVO based at our Central Services offices in Cardiff.  The Wallich will work with TVO to use these techniques throughout the organisation in all aspects of our work, both with our staff, and with the vulnerable people we support.

TVO will support our learning & development objectives for staff and service users, we will explore the use of psychological interventions in our work with people experiencing mental health difficulties and we will be utilising their skills and resources in our marketing and communications work – helping us to better portray those who we help and the issues they face.

One of the most exciting elements of our partnership will be the development of a large-scale performance, working in partnership with Wales Millennium Centre, offering our service users the opportunity not only to perform to an audience, but also to explore the varied job roles within a theatre such as set design, lighting and multimedia through shadowing and work-experience placements.

Antonia Watson, Chief Executive of The Wallich says;

“We are so excited about this partnership.  The work we have already done with TVO has been invaluable and the forthcoming partnership offers so many opportunities for our organisation, and for the people we support.”

Jennifer Hartley from TVO says;

“It is so refreshing to work with an organization that is open to new and different approaches in the interests of supporting others. We are truly excited about the year ahead and the many and varied projects that are under way.”

More information about the large scale performance project in partnership with Wales Millennium Centre will be announced soon.