We work tirelessly to get people off the streets,
keep people off the streets and create opportunities for people.

Our Prevention projects are a broad range of services that prevent homelessness or make life better for homeless people. Our projects designed to prevent homelessness provide advice, mediation services and bonds to gain access to private rented accommodation.

Our Rough Sleepers Intervention Teams (RSIT) continue to help the most vulnerable and chaotic homeless people on our streets by providing Outreach in the form of hot food, advice, referrals and pathways out of homelessness.

Our Accommodation and Support consists of residential projects in which we temporarily support people in accommodation that we also manage. These include direct access hostels, emergency night shelters and accommodation for people with specific issues such as substance misuse or mental health issues.

Our Support also includes Tenancy Support projects in which we support people who have accommodation but are facing tenancy difficulties. This work can vary from crisis intervention, preventing an imminent eviction through to helping people gain the skills needed to sustain a tenancy.

Some of our Accommodation and Support caters specifically for Youth and Families.

Our Learning and Employment Projects are a range of services to encourage the people we support to use their current skills or gain new ones in order to get back into volunteering, education or employment. We provide training courses, volunteering opportunities and practical workshops to support people to become work-ready.

We work with men, women, couples, young people, families
and dogs!

We have more than 70 projects across 19 Local Authorities and work with more than 8,000 people every year. We support an ever-changing and diverse client group with unique stories to tell and unique experiences of homelessness.

Our work is as diverse as the people we support but falls into the following broad categories:

Prevention – Stopping people from becoming homeless in the first place

Outreach – Getting people off the streets

Accommodation & Support - Keeping people off the streets

Family & Youth – Support and accommodation for parents and for people under 18

Learning, Volunteering & Employment – Helping people use their current skills or learn new ones