This year, we’re launching our Winter campaign with the South Wales Echo. The Reaching Out to Rough Sleepers campaign aims to raise £75,000 for a new, much-needed Street Fleet.

Our statistics show that homelessness in Wales is increasing and many more people are noticing.

Together with the Echo, we want to do something about it.

Our goal is to raise £75,000 to buy five new vehicles for The Wallich’s Rough Sleepers’ Intervention Teams.

Our teams go out to help people experiencing homelessness every morning across Wales. We offer hearty hot food and drinks, advice and support to get people off the streets and into safety.

However, the staff often operate in their own cars, offering support out of their car boot.

The new vehicles, which will be called the Street Fleet, will improve the speed, quality and reach of the service and will help us offer a lifeline to more people experiencing homelessness.

The Street Fleet will get people off the streets and take them to our specialist centres. Here, they can have a shower, use a washing machine and meet with staff in the hope of securing accommodation and further health and wellbeing support.

Beyond getting people off the streets, the vehicles have the potential to keep people off the streets, by moving people and their possessions into hostels or their own homes.

They will also create opportunities for people by taking them to training, education and work placements or on life-changing trips.

All of our services aim to help people who have experienced homelessness find a sustainable path back into society.

Over the next few months, we will be working with the Echo to highlight the diverse work that we do and share the real-life stories behind the statistics.

Help us meet our £75,000 target and reach out to rough sleepers, getting people off the streets and into safety.



For more information about The Wallich or the Street Fleet, please contact dosomething@thewallich.net

Follow us on Twitter via @TheWallich and use the hashtag #EchoStreetFleet