The people we support are passionate about improving the lives of homeless people in Wales.  Some work with us, supporting our campaigns by becoming Wallich Voices.

It’s very important to us that the things we do and the things we say are directly influenced by the people using our services. As such, we do our best to make sure our services users have as many opportunities as possible to make their voices heard in a range of contexts.

On this page you’ll find links to these ‘voices’ – just some of the Wallich service users, working with us to spread our message, promote our activities, and share their experiences. On the individual pages you’ll come across biographies, blog posts, links to videos, and more content besides.

Every voice comes from a person who is, or has been, involved with the Wallich at some point on their journey, and we hope the things they say here represent some aspect of the work we do. Over time, we’ll have more voices on this page, so keep checking back.


After moving back from London to Cardiff, Alex has started volunteering with The Wallich to get involved in ending homelessness in Wales. He is writing a blog about his experiences working with us, including being part of some of our video campaigns and research.

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Becoming homeless had a huge impact on Dee's confidence and mental health. After living in the Rhondda for over a decade it was a daunting experience to come back to Cardiff and declare herself homeless. After spending time in different hostels across Cardiff, one of which Dee used to work at as a cleaning co-ordinator, Dee found herself at The Wallich. The Wallich RSVP and WISE schemes supported Dee to regain her confidence and she has now secured a full time job working as a cleaner at our central services as well as privately renting her own flat.

Dee represents The Wallich at events and conferences. On her page she blogs about attending these events as someone with lived experience of homelessness.

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