Children and young adults are lighting the beacon for social change

09 Oct 2020

The Wallich’s fundraising team works closely with schools across Wales and is continuously in awe of the compassion of school-age children and young adults.

As a charity, we receive lots of generous donations from a variety of sources. Whether that is being selected as Charity of the Year from organisations across Wales, or individual fundraising efforts in local communities.

Every donation we receive helps us to end homelessness, for good.

Sian Kinsey, Fundraising Officer at The Wallich, explains more:

“The Wallich works in collaboration with primary and secondary schools, as well as colleges, across Wales and provides free, curriculum-linked activities and resources designed to educate children about the realities of homelessness and to inspire them to fight for change.

Pyjama Onesie day - Schools fundraising and raising money for homeless people Wales

Our scheme focuses on encouraging learners to show empathy, compassion and respect to those who find themselves in less fortunate situations. This starts in education and in primary schools.

Through educating children and young people about homelessness, we can make sure everyone is doing their little bit to make a difference to those who need it the most in our society.”

Leading by example

Throughout the Coronavirus pandemic, communities across Wales have continued to come together to show support for people experiencing homelessness.

Angelica is 12 years old and from Newport. She spent part of her summer holidays doing something about homelessness.

Why did you choose to raise money for The Wallich and do something about homelessness?

“During our summer holidays away from school, I participated in a two-week online leadership course. Throughout the course we were given challenges to complete.

One of these challenges was to raise money for a local charity of my choice. I decided to support a local homelessness charity and my research led me to The Wallich and their messages that being homeless comes with undeserved social shame. 

I then felt inspired to spread awareness about this myth. Also, helping others makes me feel happy during these challenging times.”


What amazing thing did you do and how much did you raise?

“I made approximately 140 keyrings and magnets and sold them outside in my drive for a £1.

In total I raised £244 pounds, as many people gave more than I expected them to which helped me raise this total.”

What have you learned from doing this?

“I have learned that there are many ways you can help other people.

It has taught me that it is important to consider all those people who do not have access to essential things in life, such as a roof over their head and a shelter.

It has made me appreciate everything I have.

Finally, I have learnt that there is no better feeling than putting a smile on someone’s face or helping someone in need.”

What would you say to anyone thinking of fundraising for The Wallich?

“I would encourage others to support the The Wallich and local homelessness charities.

They make a big difference in the local community and the money you donate can go a long way. For example, just £20 can help keep people safe and delay the transmission of COVID-19.

This is because someone who was sleeping rough and is now temporarily accommodated receives a hot, nutritious meal every day for a week.

Following my donation to The Wallich, it made me feel happy to be helping those in need.

It is a charity you would want to donate to, and you will be changing someone’s life.”

If Angelica has inspired you to do something about homelessness, find out more about what you can do in your community

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