Marc’s story

03 May 2024

Marc has lived at two of The Wallich’s homelessness hostels in Swansea

He’s been working with our expert support workers, our Asset Coach and has got involved with our creative arts projects to move on from trauma and addiction.

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Marc stood in front of window

Life before support from The Wallich

“I spent a lot of time in prison. I was using on a daily basis and committing crimes to fund my habit.

My mother was very good to me but I made her life hell to keep up with my habit.

I felt as though my life had no hope or future.”

I was diagnosed with ADHD as a child, and this created huge problems for myself and my family (mother).”

Breaking the cycle

“I first went into Dinas Fechan [hostel] but I had very little interest in my recovery at this point.

I was then sent to  Ty Tom Jones and continued to use for a few more months. But then I started having contact with my daughter and decided I needed to change my life.

Staff encouraged me to engage in a music provision at the hostel. It gave me something to look forward to and help me realise how important it is to engage in activities.

Music helped me so much in my recovery and they supported me to write a song about my life, which gave me a whole new perspective on what my future looked like.

Faith has become a part in my life as well. I met a pastor and was invited to go along to the church. This gave me another new perspective on what needed to change.”


“I am very grateful for all the staff from Ty Tom that have supported me.

I hope they know how influential they have been and how much of an impact they have had to get me to where I am today.”My keyworker, Dean, has helped me enormously with my recovery by supporting me to access therapy and other groups that continue to empower me through my recovery.

At the moment, I am working with a drug committee to drive change within services, taking part in a computer skills course to build my confidence and learn new skills, and engaging with Cheryl [The Wallich Asset Coach] to help me find direction.

I have also started engaging with The Story Project and see huge prospects from this.”

“Marc has worked really hard over the past 12 months to make important lifestyle changes.

Throughout his coaching journey with myself he has been able to explore what kind of person he aspires to be outside of his previous lived experiences.”

– Cheryl, Asset Coach


Hopes for the future

“I would like to be in my own flat and successfully maintain my tenancy and independence.

Through my work with The Story Project, I would like to tell my success story through art.

I would like to build my relationship with my daughter and create a meaningful bond with her to support her through her own challenges. I am actively seeking mediation to have sustained and meaningful contact with her.

I want to be able to make my mum proud and become the son that I felt I never was. I would like to be able to support her rather than her supporting me.”

“Over the past year, he has demonstrated admirable levels of accountability, self-awareness, humility and resilience.

Marc’s progress is nothing short of inspirational. He is a credit to himself and I am excited to see where this exciting journey that he is on leads him.”

– Dean, Senior Support Worker