Creative arts: The Story Project

The Story Project is a vibrant collaboration between people supported by The Wallich and the dynamic Welsh performing arts community

In collaboration with artists and theatres across Wales, we will unleash a wave of artistic passion and empowerment for people who have experienced homelessness.

Our fantastic project partners

We have a shared vision

To bring new skills and opportunities to people with lived experience of homelessness and to bring new voices, audiences, and collaborators to theatres in Wales.

We want to uncover hidden talents and nurture creativity within The Wallich and introduce people we support to the arts sector.

We’re here to support people from all walks of life, helping them shape their stories and ideas into something extraordinary.

With the help of theatres, we’ll empower everyone to share their stories in the most exciting, inspiring and safe way possible.

The Story Project will connect or reconnect the people we support to the magic of theatre and storytelling.

In 2022, as part of our exciting In The Margins project, The Wallich collaborated with brilliant Cardiff-based playwright, Owen Thomas and together we produced the ‘Lightbulb Monologues’.


These monologues were more than stories.

They were moments of reflection that sparked change for people we support.

This partnership became the catalyst for The Story Project.

We’re not stopping there. We want to build on this by

Alongside Owen and our theatre partners, we’re not just expanding the reach of the arts.

We will enhance it, making it more vibrant, inclusive and fun than ever before.

Our shared objectives include

The Story Project will support participants to identify a unique pathway, tailored to their passions and dreams.

This journey doesn’t end when the stage curtain falls.

The Story Project is a ticket to a future filled with arts-based activities, volunteering, and employment opportunities.

We’re not doing this alone – we’re creating a steering group of representatives including service users, theatres and industry professionals to make this project a success.

Story project

The finale

Bespoke theatre pieces will come together in one collective sharing event.

All groups from across Wales will gather and weave their stories together.

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