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‘In the Margins’ Explore and Test Project

The Wallich’s exciting project, funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation, aims to explore and test the impact of a variety of participatory arts opportunities in Mid – North, South East and South West Wales.

We are currently working with creative practitioners specialising in visual arts to facilitate a series of online workshops.

Visual arts

About Arts at The Wallich

The Wallich is a psychologically informed organisation.

This means we see responding to homelessness as more than a roof over someone’s head.


Diversionary activities, such as arts or sport, are often important tools for responding to, and recovering from, trauma.

Many of the people we support have always been very expressive and creative. Developing outlets for this creativity, as a trauma informed approach to ending repeat cycles of homelessness, addiction and mental health crisis, is a priority for The Wallich.

Meet the practitioners

Bill Taylor-Beales

Bill Taylor-Beales is working in Swansea with clients from Gorwelion, St Leonards, Ty Tom Jones and Dinas Fechan.


This is proving to be a great follow-on project after the success of the Copperopolis programme which Bill was also involved in.

The first half of the workshop series will offer an introduction to a huge range of different visual arts forms, with the second half supporting participants to focus on their favourite mediums to create pieces of work to make up a collective exhibition.

Workshops began on Thursday 5 August, taking place at Swansea Wellbeing Centre, who invited us to join their free 30-minute relaxation sessions directly before the workshops.

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Lucy Dickson


Lucy Dickson is working with Bridgend Young People’s project.

Introducing ceramics and supporting clients to learn basic hand-building and decorating techniques.

Once participants have learned some building techniques, they will then focus on the decorative element which will allow them the freedom to explore and express themselves through the surface design.

Workshops started on Monday 9 August, taking place at Hartshorn House in Maesteg.

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Zoe Matthews


Zoe Matthews is running workshops in Aberystwyth supported by one of The Wallich’s Wellbeing & Engagement Mentors.

Participants are learning that art is for everyone and will be supported to get stuck into a range of different arts mediums.

Clients will have the choice to create individual pieces over the course of the 12 sessions, or to construct a large-scale collaborative piece as a group. Or a bit of both!

Workshops began on Tuesday 10 August, taking place at ‘The Hatch’, St Michael’s Church.

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