Newport drop-in centre stories

16 Aug 2019

The Wallich’s Newport drop-in centre provides a safe environment off the street with access to a telephone, computer, utilities such as a washing machine, housing advice and help to complete forms and applications.

If you visit the city centre hub on a busy Friday morning, you’ll witness the vibrant buzz of various clients coming through the door at the Newport drop-in centre.

The needs of people experiencing homelessness in Newport are vast but catered for here; whether they’ve just popped in to log onto their Facebook page, get a hot drink, charge their phone, pick up some mail, arrange a phone call to welfare services or discuss their housing situation with one of our dedicated support workers.

The staff at the drop-in centre are experts in housing and homelessness. They work hard to build up trust with clients and provide tailored support – always with a friendly and welcoming approach.

Newport drop-in - homelessness accommodation services

We spoke to the centre’s service users about how the team has helped them, here’s what they said:


Paul has been coming to the drop-in centre with his partner after losing their rented tenancy.

“I’d describe The Wallich as excellent. There’s lots of help with things I need.

They’ve helped me with Universal Credit and housing support.

Once I get a place, hopefully I can build from there.”


Louise has been using the service for a number of years and has seen how the service has improved.

“The Wallich help with benefits, setting up a bank account – I’ve never had one before. They did it in three days. Brilliant.

I’ve been visiting the service for three or four years. They’ve helped sort my life out.”


David is sleeping rough. He arrived in Newport from Australia in 2016. When he arrived at drop-in, he came in to chat to the team and pick up some laundry.

“I’d of been f***ed without them [The Wallich]. The world will be a different place without them.

I met The Wallich in December 2016 and I’ve been seeing them ever since.

I come to the drop-in centre three times a week. The team visit me five days a week, I get tea and breakfast.

Staff even walked out in the snow when the van was broken. Even if they just came out and asked me if I was ok. I’d be stoked.”

Find out more about our volunteering opportunities, and you can to help vulnerable people like Paul, Louise and David.