Robert’s story

03 Mar 2020

Robert has been helped by The Wallich’s Carmarthenshire Floating Support team following a difficult time in his life.

Read how Robert managed to overcome his housing issues, health complications and get himself on the right track.

Where were you before you entered our services?

I’m originally from Scotland but have lived in Wales for more than 24 years.

I was living in a house I owned and was working in Sales.

My marriage was breaking down and my health was becoming a problem. This led to issues with my mortgage, as I needed to take time off work.

I was unsure of the services available that could support me.

How have The Wallich helped you?

The Wallich has supported me to get my confidence back and get myself on the right road.

They have acted on my behalf and encouraged me when needed.

They have listened and supported me accordingly.

The Wallich has helped me to secure properties that were suitable for my health and ensured that I had money and food when my wages were stopped.

They have been great, and very supportive throughout the hardest years of my life.

What are you now in life?

I am now in an adapted bungalow and feel safe and secure.

I have settled well with the help of The Wallich.

My benefits are set up correctly and this has helped me get back on my feet – literally and figuratively.

I am now paying all my bills and debts. I feel I’m able to manage my money now.

I am walking on my prosthetic leg with the aid of walking sticks, after needing to have my left leg removed due to health complications.

What are your plans for the future?

I want to be able to walk unaided again.

I am doing well but still have a fair way to go. I attend hospital appointments monthly for Physio.

I want to go back to work.

Once I am more stable on my prosthetic leg, I will look at this goal further.

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