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07 Jul 2023

After experiencing domestic violence, Rose needed help living an independent and fear-free life

Since January 2022, 31-year-old Rose has been receiving support from The Wallich’s Torfaen Tenancy Support Service.

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The incident

“It was all hell before I came here.

I was 30 when it [domestic violence] happened. He ruined my Christmas.

He got arrested and then was sentenced a few months later.

I’ve got a restraining order in place so when he comes out of prison, he’s not allowed to step foot in Cwmbran.

Next month he comes out. He only got a year.

I have started panicking again but I am trying to stop it. I’ve been told what to do if I do see him.”

Finding a safe space

“I was put in a B and B in Pontypool first, because there was no places within the Torfaen area, but then I was put in Coed Eva.

I was in temporary accommodation in Coed Eva. It was nice there but there was no Wi-Fi, I was using hotspot quite a lot.

I was in temporary accommodation for two weeks.

When I found out I was being placed where I am now, I’d lost my nan two days beforehand, so it was a real mix of emotions.

My nan never actually got to find out if he got sent down or not, because she passed in the March.”

Support from The Wallich

The Wallich’s team in Torfaen have helped Rose manage money, signposting to other organisations, manage her health conditions, mediation, building confidence and independence, plus much more.

We asked Rose how The Wallich has helped her:

“It can’t be put into words.

Help with budgeting, I have a habit of overspending. They helped with a lot with problems I’ve had, especially with the person I live with.

I live in shared accommodation at the moment. I have my own bedroom and share a bathroom and kitchen.

They [The Wallich] got me onto a canoeing activity. It was quite scary.

I want to work but, at the moment due to what went on with my ex, I get a bit stressed out with stuff.

I’ve done a Recovery Toolkit and an Own My Life course with Cyfannol Women’s Aid. It was helpful.

I did the Own My Life one after the incident happened and then the Recovery Toolkit about three months after.

It’s given me skills and helps me to deal with emotions.”

Maintaining a stable lifestyle

“I’m in a comfortable place at the moment.

I’m mainly gaming. When there is work to be done in the house, I’m there doing it.

It [gaming] didn’t used to be an interest but it helps me get through the day when I’m bored.

I do swimming galas. I did have quite a few trophies, but my ex chucked them.

I’m part of a disabled swimming club and we compete every year. I’ve been part of Gwent Dolphins for about 7 years.

I’m being made into a swimming instructor because I always help out the swimmers that don’t know how to swim properly.

And I’m competing myself as well.

I’ve got a competition coming up so I’m going to practice tonight. I usually swim four lengths.

[When asked if this would ever turn into a job] I just want to keep that as something I enjoy.

I’m on the move on list. I’m 12th on the list.

Ideally, I’d like a one-bed flat. I’d have to buy all the furniture. I’ve got a sofa and my nan’s wardrobe but it’s at my ex’s and I can’t get it at the moment.

I’ve said I want to stay in Cwmbran, it’s where my family is so I don’t want to travel too far.

I rely on public transport or my feet.

I’m close to my mum. It’s getting there with my dad. My dad was the reason I left home.

I was getting treated like a slave. There was me, my two brothers and my sister there and I was the only one being asked to do any work.

It was always like that.

In the end I got fed up and I walked out. I might as well have not walked out because he might as well of kicked me out. He told his friend ‘He was done with me’.

We get on better when I don’t live there.

My parents were the first people I went to when it happened [the incident].

Well, actually the police were the first people I went to.

My parents found out at five in the morning what had been going on because the police took me to theirs.”

Looking forward

“I want to try and get more of a slimmer body and not out of breath when I walk up hills.

I’d like to get a job and better education. I failed all my exams, so I’d like to sort that.

I’d like to do cleaning or childcare. I love working with children because I spend a lot of time with my eight-year-old niece.”

Joel, our Senior Support Worker in Torfaen, has been working with Rose since November 2022.

He said:

“During my time supporting Rose, I have seen her grow in confidence, becoming more outgoing and wanting to engage. Rose likes to have a community vibe around her and enjoys being social.

Rose has now moved into a property, it’s a lovely flat and she’s settling in. I’m supporting her to set up her utility bills at the moment.

It’s so positive to see Rose have a positive move on from our supported house, to now managing her own tenancy.”

If you’ve been affected by any of the topics mentioned in this case study, help and support is available. Visit the Live Fear Free webpage to find out more.

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