Zain’s story

20 Jun 2022

Did you know The Wallich also works with people who have No Recourse to Public Funds (NRPF)?


As part of a collaborative Nation of Sanctuary project with Housing Justice Cymru and more partners, funded by Comic Relief, we help support people affected by the immigration condition restricting access to public funds.

Our specialism has been to create opportunities for volunteering, training and to access wellbeing activities.

Read Zain’s story

Zain arrived in the UK in January 2018 and sought asylum.

With Somali origin, Zain was dispersed to Cardiff, where he lived whilst his case was being reviewed in the UK.

Unfortunately, his asylum claim was refused. As a result, Zain was evicted from his accommodation and all financial support was stopped.

Zain doesn’t have the right to work in the UK and does not have recourse to public funds.

Since then, Zain has been being supported by Home4u and Sharedydd; hosting and accommodation charities who support failed asylum seekers with no recourse to public funds.

He has been living with a host in Cardiff whilst he and his solicitor prepare for the next steps on his asylum journey.

Zain has learnt English since being in the UK and is keen to go to college to study fashion. His ultimate goal is to go to Manchester University to study Fashion Communication and Technology.

The Wallich’s NRPF Coordinator met Zain at a Home4U drop-in in 2022. He told us that he would like to find access courses and volunteering opportunities to help him learn new skills and experience to help him find a university place in the future.

Zain and his new mentor discussed the many possible ways for him to develop his skillset, including volunteering with The Wallich’s creative arts programme, finding external volunteer placements and what courses were available at Cardiff and Vale College (CAVC).

We also explored finding casual and free classes in Cardiff where he could go to network and learn.

Following extensive work, we linked Zain up with the following activities:

Zain is excited to meet new likeminded people, develop his skills, and for something to do with his time.

He is hoping that through these activities he can progress and help reach his ultimate goal of going to university to study fashion.

A word from Zain

“You have helped me so much and I am so grateful, thank you.

Who would have thought someone like me would have opportunities like this?

I am jumping inside because I am so happy.”

If you’ve been affected by any of the topics mentioned in this case study, help and support is available. Visit our Help & Advice page to find out more.

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