Workplace Lottery

Run a Workplace Lottery for charity

At The Wallich, we have obtained many corporate supporters over the years who have dedicated half of the funds from their workplace lottery to do something about homelessness.

Check out our guide to running a smooth and compliant lottery with your employees for The Wallich.


How to set up a charity lottery at work

You don’t need a licence from the Gambling Commission to run a ‘small society lottery’ (under £20,000 in any given year).

However, YOU MUST register with your local authority as a small society promoter.

Luckily, it’s cheap, doesn’t require a lot of red tape and keeps your lottery legal.


You can find out more by visiting How to Run a Small Society Lottery.

The Wallich charity lottery - win £25,000 - homeless in Wales

New sign-ups
Templates for businesses

We’ve done the hard work of writing a compliant staff lottery sign up email.

When a staff member requests to join a staff lottery, they should be issued with a copy of the Terms and Conditions and receive an email outlining their subscription as per the below example:

Email template

“Thank you for joining <<INSERT BUSINESS NAME>> Staff Lottery.

Your first £<<FIGURE>> payment will be deducted from your salary (after tax) on DD/MM/YYYY and the last working day of each month thereafter <<USE DATES THAT ARE APPLICABLE TO YOUR PAYROLL PROCESS>>.

You will be assigned a random number and entered into the draw following each successful payment until you either cancel your lottery subscription or leave <<INSERT BUSINESS NAME>>.

The draw will take place each month following payroll processing where one number will be drawn at random winning half of the total proceeds of the lottery. The winner will be announced by email shortly after each draw.

Thanks and good luck!”

Following the draw

Following each draw, you will need to submit a regulatory return to your local authority (example below).

Regulatory Returns (TITLE LEFT COLUMN) (LEFT COLUMN ROW B) Arrangements for the lottery, including: • Dates on which tickets were available; • Dates of any draw; • Arrangements for prizes, including any rollover; and • Details of any donated prizes: (LEFT COLUMN ROW C) Proceeds of the Lottery (total amount paid in): (LEFT COLUMN ROW D) Amounts deducted by the promoters of the lottery in respect of the provision of prizes (including the provision of any prizes in accordance with any rollover): (LEFT COLUMN ROW E) Amounts deducted by the promoters of the lottery in respect of other costs incurred in organising the lottery: (LEFT COLUMN ROW F) Any amount applied to a purpose for which the promoting Society is conducted: (LEFT COLUMN ROW G) Whether any expenses in connection with the lottery were paid otherwise than by deduction from proceeds, and, if they were – (i) the amount of the expenses, and (ii) the sources from which they were paid Example (RIGHT COLUMN TITLE) (RIGHT COLUMN ROW B) • 16/01/2024 – 15/02/2024 • 15/02/2024 • 50% of total proceeds • N/A £1,000 (RIGHT COLUMN ROW C) £500 (RIGHT COLUMN ROW D) N/A (RIGHT COLUMN ROW E) £500 (RIGHT COLUMN ROW F) N/A (RIGHT COLUMN ROW G)


Tap below for our Ts and Cs template

Workplace lottery terms and conditions

For more information about running a charity lottery at work, through your payroll team or otherwise, please contact: