Shadow Board

The Wallich’s Shadow Board is a group of individuals with lived experience of our services, past or present

Shadow board

The Shadow Board meets on a regular basis to inform, improve and co-produce The Wallich services.

They work closely with The Wallich CEO, senior team and Board of Trustees.

What does the Shadow Board do?

The Shadow Board provides a unique perspective and service user voice across Wales.

Here’s how the Board has an impact on The Wallich’s services:

The benefits for being on the Shadow Board

  • Personalised mentorship from the Board of Trustees
  • Join a community of likeminded individuals
  • External opportunities to be part of wider sector forums, events and representative groups

To date, the Shadow Board have consulted and worked on:

Engaged in: 



Shadow board manifesto

Shadow Board and Trustee Manifesto

Different knowledge coming together to end homelessness

This Manifesto is an agreement between The Wallich’s Shadow Board and the Board of Trustees.

It outlines how they aim to work together, using different knowledge to end homelessness and support people who are homeless.

The Manifesto was created through conversations with the two Boards as a part of a learning experience in June 2023.

It sets out their aims of how to work together and what they want to achieve to ensure that the Boards are united, stay on track and make change.

Together – it is not what one can do for the other, it’s what we can do with each other – to better the experience for all.

As two Boards joining forces, we pledge to be

We are courageous

We are determined

We are authentic

We are compassionate

We are community

“The Shadow Board for me is about commitment, understanding, communication, belonging.

It provides an opportunity for me to make a difference that is helping others.”

– Dean, Shadow Board member


“The Shadow Board is about making sure we make decisions and plans together. There is no ‘them and us’, we’re all fighting together to end homelessness.”

Lindsay Cordery-Bruce, The Wallich CEO

Aled’s experience on the Shadow Board

“I started with the Shadow Board roughly four months back. From the get-go I was made to feel welcomed, and everyone was so friendly.

In my short time with the Board, I have already had a number of experiences.


From meeting my first ever Board of Trustees and learning what they do to having my say on government budget and visiting the Senedd to witness the Welsh Government debate the Welsh budget.

I truly feel as though I have grown as an individual since joining the Shadow Board and I am truly grateful for that.

I went into it expecting it to be a one-way street. I’ll be there to give my views and opinions and that’ll be that, but it isn’t that at all.

It’s developed into a little community all respecting each other and all having an impact.

The best quote I can think of that suits the Shadow Board is that:

It’s not what one can do for the other it’s what we can do for each other to better the experience for all.

I hope that makes sense, we are all working to better The Wallich, the service staff provide and the lives of the service users, by using our real-life experience.

I believe that’s the most valuable thing going currently as the Board is made up of individuals from all sorts of backgrounds.

The Wallich is fighting to end homelessness, so why not have individuals with lived experience of homelessness to help with their input.

This is the best thing about The Wallich Shadow Board.

It’s got individuals with different experiences together to help influence decision making. It’s amazing and a concept that I believe should be adopted by so many others.”

Can you offer specialist training, experiences, or opportunities for our Service User Shadow Board?

Get in touch with our Co-Production and Lived Experience Coordinator.

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