Antonia and Ellie holding up laptops banner

The Wallich has received a £5000 grant from Monmouthshire Building Society to give our service users access to the internet.

It is easy to take internet access for granted but for many of the people we work with, installation fees and a 12 month contract are hurdles they find difficult to overcome.
Looking for housing, applying for jobs and keeping in touch with friends and relatives are the stepping stones to rebuilding a life. With many of these services now operating online, homeless people are at an unfair disadvantage.

Paul Leader, Monmouthshire Building Society Executive Director, commented:

“I’m particularly excited by this fantastic opportunity to help deal with IT inclusivity issues with homeless people since it’s so essential in the modern world and on so many facets of our day to day lives.
With the right support, IT access can bring about a wave of good, from education to employment, housing to friendships, and the fact that the IT suite has tablets and mobile elements means it can reach even more vulnerable members of our communities.”

As well as providing internet access for those who are confident with technology, the equipment will be used to provide training. This will range from teaching basic IT skills to more advanced courses that will improve the chances of finding work.

The many people who use the suite stand to gain enormously thanks to the support.