The Wallich statement: services operating during COVID-19

18 Mar 2020

frontline organisation homelessness COVID-19 Coronavirus

The Wallich has a comprehensive plan in place to respond to the coronavirus outbreak.

The aim of our critical services delivery plan is to: 

  1. Keep people safe   
  2. Delay transmission within our The Wallich communities  
  3. Reassure our staff and clients 

We are working with Welsh Government, other frontline organisations and with campaigning bodies to ensure a joined-up response to this crisis and to ensure people experiencing homelessness are not forgotten. 

As a frontline organisation, we are doing our best to continue normal service where possible. Critical services, such as emergency/supported accommodation, and outreach will run as normal, or as normally as possible.

We have staffing plans in place to mobilise our workforce in new ways and a team of experts meeting daily to make decisions. 

Our staff are still working tirelessly to provide support for people experiencing homelessness or who are at risk of homelessness, during a time where our client-base is particularly vulnerable.  

Following government advice about COVID-19 and social distancing, we will be reacting on a case-by-case basis with service-specific solutions to make sure people get the help they need.  

Some of our office bases will be closed until further notice with staff working remotely from home. 

Where an office base is closed, we will be utilising IT and staff will be conducting regular interventions via phone, video call and text message to give our clients support with whatever they need, including a focus on wellbeing, managing finances, mental health and social isolation. 

Our Reflections Network, which is a team of counsellors and therapists, will be offering telephone and video appointments for those who are experiencing mental health difficulties  

We are also working hard to make sure that the people we support have equity of access to information and sanitation facilities. 

Anyone who needs assistance can find details of their local service on our Services page. 

Please be aware that whilst we focus all our resources into our frontline response, if you are contacting our organisation about something other than COVID-19 and related issues, you may face a delay in response. We appreciate your patience. 

This is going to be a challenging time for our organisation, and even more so for the people we support and we would encourage everyone to play their part in sensibly sharing resources and information with people who may be otherwise excluded from society. 

Now more than ever we need a community response to homelessness.  Please be reassured The Wallich is doing whatever it takes to protect, support and be there for the people who need us. 

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