Home Office should reconsider immigration rules targeting people sleeping rough for deportation

The Wallich Response

06 Nov 2020

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New immigration rules coming into force on 1 December mean that people sleeping rough who are not UK nationals could be deported.

People who sleep rough on the streets of Britain are some of the most marginalised and disregarded in our society.

Yet the UK Government is countenancing changes to immigration rules that could make life even more precarious, in a cruel finale to a year that has already been extraordinarily difficult due to the global pandemic.

The proposals from the Home Secretary could see people facing the removal of their right to remain in the UK, and even risk deportation if they sleep rough for just a single night.

As well as being unnecessarily heartless, this policy will do nothing to address the complex causes of homelessness and rough sleeping.

In fact, it will do the opposite: discouraging people from seeking the support they need, and driving them into unsafe and exploitative situations, and perhaps even modern slavery.

The Wallich joins Crisis, Shelter, St. Mungo’s and 70 other organisations in calling for this decision to be immediately reversed.

Read the joint letter sent to Home Secretary Priti Patel MP, & Secretary of State Robert Jenrick MP.

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