The Wallich staff offered up to £735 cost of living payment

10 Nov 2022

Charity takes decision to offer staff an optional one-off cost of living payment, helping with rising costs this winter

The Wallich has set up a Cost of Living Taskforce to work on ways to alleviate the predicted financial pressures of 2022 for staff and clients. 

In one of many initiatives, all staff employed by The Wallich on 31 October 2022 received a payment from the scheme.  

How much each employee could get is banded by salary, with lowest earners taking home the highest amount. 

Part-time staff were categorised by their take-home salary, not pro-rata, and staff who felt they didn’t need the payment could opt-out.  

Cost of living crisis

Inflation is causing an unprecedented rise in the cost of living in the UK.

For example, the ONS recently reported that around 6 in 10 (60%) renters reported finding it difficult to afford their energy bills, and around 4 in 10 (39%) found it difficult to afford their rent payments. 

In response, The Wallich Cost of Living Taskforce main aims are: 

Information sharing

Public affairs and campaigning

Funding and partnerships

Campaigning for more help and reform in the sector

Salaries in our sector are largely dictated by the government Housing Support Grant and the commissioning process.  

Research published by Cymorth Cymru has shone a light on the impact of the cost of living crisis on frontline homelessness and housing support workers in Wales.

Evidence from more than 720 frontline workers revealed the huge financial pressures they are facing, as they provide critical support to tens of thousands of people across the country. 

Together, organisations across the sector are demanding that: 

The Wallich Cost of Living Taskforce will be continuing to find ways to alleviate the stress of the cost of living crisis for their staff and the people they support this winter. 

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